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Tourist Destinations > Kuakata

Kuakata is a beautiful place of the southern part of Bangladesh which is sometimes called as Šthe daughter of the Sea". This 30 kilometers long beach is situated at Lotachapli union of Kalapara thana, which is in Patuakhali district of Barisal division. Kuakata is 70 kilometers away from Patuakhali Sadar and 320 kilometers away from Dhaka city.

From history it is known that when Arakan, the house land of Rakhain at Mayanmer was in added and conquered by Barmerse king, the Rakhain people got into several big boats and started a journey to nowhere though the sea. Eventually their boats stopped at an island which happened to be Rangabali Island of Patuakhali district. They got out of the boats and started living there. Some of them entered the forest in search of food, cut down trees and cleared some areas. This area in the forest they called  Kanshai' meaning Vagyekul in Bengali. Because they came there by crossing the sea. At first living was difficult for safety water. So they dug a well for drinking water. This  digging well' eventually gave the place a name  Kua-Kata'.

Near this well they set up a temple and established a statue of Buddha weighing 350 kg (approx) in it which was created with the mixture of eight minerals. For building the temple they followed the architectural patterns of Indochina. Therefore are can think that this is a temple from Thailand, Laos or Myanmar. The scaffold of the stature is three and half feet high and the height of the statue of Buddha 83 years ago when the community celebrated 25 hundred years of Buddhism. At the time Dayak (director) of the temple was Bachin Talukder, Being the charismatic leaders of the Rakhain community he expired in 1999. After his death his son Aug Summing took the responsibility. Beside the temple Shree Mougal Buddhist Biheer has been built following the architectural pattern of Indo China. Sitting hare Buddhist Vikkhurs preached sermons. Now a days nobody drinks the water of the well. It has been neglected for years. Only recently with the financial to assistance of Bangladesh Government the well, its surrounding areas and the temples are being renovated so that tourist can enjoy the site with convenience.

It is beyond the power of anybody to describe the natural beauty of Kua-Kata Sea beach. Only you will have to enjoy it with your own eyes. At Sun rising, it seems a great bell of five rises from the sea to the sky and at Sun set slowly sinks the sun gently into the sea, only to return for the next day. As if the Sea in the home of the Sun.
The beauty of the beach is enriched in full moon. It seems that the big waves are ready to embrace you in the moon light. When the moon Light is absent the waves sparkle in the darkness for the presence of phosphorus.

Traveling Fatra Forest

Fatra forest is near Kua-Kata. This is extended part of the Sundarbans. You will have to go there by traveler. From the sea you will have to enter a branch river. Although Sundari is the main tree there are other sorts of trees found in Sundarbans. In Fatra forest you can come across, animals like monkey, jackals, Bagdas (One type of small tiger) etc. visiting Fatra forest by traler is a life-time experience. You can come across big waves like 30 feet in highest and it is thrilling how the boatmen pass though or avoid these waves. Government took initiative to create an eco-park here. There are lakes, concert benches, toilet facilities and brick built lames through the forest. There are few stalls a going way for safe placement of the boats, Cooling arrangement for picnic parties etc. A picnic party has to pay a sum of Tk. 1000/- (max.) to the forest department and they have to arrange their own boats in order to visit Fatra forest.

Jhau Forest

Jhau forest has been created by Government initiative. The sight is beautiful. Tourists come here for recreation. Early in the morning the sun-rising can be viewed from the sun rising can be viewed from this corner.


Gangamati is situated to the east of Jhau forest. While going there you will see beautiful patcher of forests, bushi or isolated big trees, sands etc. Gangamoti is a forest where you will see different sorts of birds. So tourist your excursion can be incomplete you don't pay a visit to Gangamoti.

Sun Rising

The best sight of sun rising can be visible from Kauar Char area of Gangamoti which is in the east of Kuakata beach. You will have to be present there by 5'o clock in the morning. You won't be alone there. There will be other tourists. Besides local people will be co-operative. Ten to fifteen minutes before sun rising the base of the sea turns reddish. Then gradually this reddishness will be firry and eventually the Sun comes out of it. This sight is beyond description. You will have to be lucky enough to see it with yours own eyes.


If you want to enjoy the sun setting better, you will have to be present in the village of the dired fish. It takes ten to twenty minutes for setting when the sun disappears deep into the sea.

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