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It wasn't until the latter part of the 17 th century that the Mughal excluded their empire this far and superseded the Buddhist Anabanse Kingdom of Burma (Myanmar) in Chittagong .With the collapse of Mughal power it was the British who finally overran the various local rulers, although prior to this Portuguese pirates had long prayed upon the nicks meantime trade of the region The commercial capital and the largest International seaport of Bangladesh is located 264 kms southern of Dhaka . Chittagong is the initial jumping off point for the Chittagong Hill Tracts to the east and for Cox's Bazar to the south. It's green hills, spacious sandy beach and elegant cool climate always attract the holiday makers.

World War II Cemetery

This peaceful well-maintained cemetery contains over 700 graves of soldiers from both allied and Japanese forces who died on the Burma front.

A Foy's Lake

This has a beautiful panoramic surroundings a high hill near the Lake 's edge affords some grand views of Chittagong and the bay of Bengal. Very recently a private co. has taken initiative to develop this as a International Tourist centre.

Mazar of Hazrat Sultan Bayazid Bostami

This holy place attracts a large number of visitors and pilgrims. It is warth visiting the pond full of turtles of long years ago.

Court Building Museum

Situated on the Fairy Hill,this building commands a panoramic bird's eye view of Chittagong. This had been the scene of intense activity during the independence War in 1971. A museum has been established here.

Patenga Beach

This sandy beach is about 22 km from the city of the meeting place of the roaring sea and the river Karnaphuli.

Chittagong Port

This port has made Chittagong the commercial centre of Bangladesh . It has 20 booths handles bulk cargo and container ships - up to 400 vessels and 505 million tones annually.


This historic, one of the oldest temples in the subcontinent is about 37 km from Chittagong. There are great views from the top. The time of wrath visiting in during the Shiva Chaturdasi Festival, held for 10 days in February. Here has Botanical Garden and Eco-park. This has been established in the year 1998 on an area of 808 hector land.

Parki Beach

Parki beach lies 16-17 km away from Chittagong city. Here visitor can view both the Karnaphulli river and the sea together. Tourists enjoy the views the big ships anchor at the outer dock, fishing, sunset, colored crabs and quite environment.

Zia Memorial Museum

Jatio Sangsad Bhaban (Parliament House) in Sher-e-Bangla nagar designed by the famous architect Louis Khan has distinctive architectural features.

Ahsan Manzil Museum

This was built in the year 1913 in the style of Tudor manor house, is one of the most attractive structures left by the British, the massive Chittagong Circuit House, was where president Ziaur Rahman was machine-gunned by a group of soldiers in May 1981. Part of the building is now a museum commemorating the death of President Zia.

Shah Amanat Shrine

This holy thrise is located in the heart of the city. Shah Amanat lived a very simple life. No one knew that he was spiritually endowed nor did he pose to be such. His greatness was revealed through a Karamat (spiritual power with magical elements) which brought him to the limelight and people came to know that he was a darvish (saint) of a high order.

Shahi Jama - e - Mosjid

The mosque was built in 1670 on a hillock and hence looks and hence looks a bit like a fort. Saracenic or Turkish in design which looms up out of the press of shops that have since surrounded it.


Labmai ridge is a 20km long range of low hills 8km west of Comilla. Famous as an important center of Buddhist culture from the 6th to 13th centuries. The whole range of hills runs for about 18kms. Where more than 5 sites have been unearthed. But the three most important Buddhist sites here are salban Vihara, Kotila Mura and Charpatra Mura. A site museum houses the archaeological finds.

Ethnological Museum

This interesting museum has displays on Bangladesh's tribal people and is well worth visiting.

Mercantile Marine Academy
The only training institute of its kind in Bangladesh , situated on the month of the river Karnaphuli.
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